About us

About us

Served by Nature

We are here to serve you the authentic, local and original Indian spices from our homeland.

We come from a enterpreneur family whose three generations have been in the wholesale business of herbs & spices. The business was enrolled and is being continued in a town covering several small villages of the Norhern India.

In 2016, one of the family members moved to the Netherlands. While eating the homemade cooked food, she missed that authentic taste of her homeland. That prompted her to always carry those original spices from her home while coming over to The Netherlands.

Since she is fond of cooking, she made various recipes with love for various international community events. And that was appreciated by all those who had the food. Such instances always kept motivating her to be rooted to the love of spices from her homeland. Consequently, this inspired her to expand the family business internationally.

So, we are here to serve you the authentic, local and original spices from our homeland.

Our Mission

In order to enrich our soul, mind and heart, our body needs pure & sustainable food. Color4Soul’s mission is thus to serve its customers with a high-quality of spices from the origin.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continually take small steps for providing sustainable life on Earth by working together with our supply chain.

Our brandname

According to Ayurveda, everything in the universe consists of five elements. Hence, our human body and the food that we eat is made up of these five elements too. Each and every individual has a unique combination of these elements.

These five elements are Earth, Water, Space, Fire and Air. When these five elements are in harmony and balance within our body, one experiences to be healthy. Furthermore, each element has its own unique color.
Color4Soul indicates the combination of these elements for healthy body and soul. Moreover, our tagline “Served by Nature” indicates the love of nature towards us to keep ourselves healthy.

Our logo

Our logo is a combination of Purity and Balance. When gaining inspiration for Purity, the Lotus flower frequently came by. The Lotus flower is found in India and stands for purity.

Balance is symbolized by the well-known position of the hands indicated as ‘Namasté’ and is visualized by the middle leaf of the lotus flower.

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